Now is the time to invest in the UK

13 Aug 2019

With the Thai Baht strengthening over the last few months and the pound at a two year low, now is the time to take advantage of the favourable exchange rate. Once the dust settles after Brexit, the UK economy is bound to stabilise and recover, and the pound will strengthen again.

The current weaker pound, allows for cheaper investments in the UK such as investing in property, trading forex or buying those sterling based shares.

Invest in Property – You get more pounds for your Thai Baht. This gives you more spending power for investing in a UK based property. Property values in emerging cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool are increasing yearly. Investing in property here could bring excellent returns.
Trade Forex – The weaker pound lets you get more sterling for your Thai Baht. Get those forex transactions done now.

Sterling based funds – You can now buy more units in your favourite sterling based funds. More units mean more interest in the long term.

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