5 Top Tourist Attractions in Thailand

23 May 2018

ThailandA profound history, gorgeous spiritual temples and heavenly beaches – Thailand is a favourite among travellers, and it is not difficult to see why. Here are 5 top tourist attractions in the country:

Jim Thompson House
Once the home of American silk entrepreneur and art collector, the Jim Thompson House is now a museum housing Thompson’s own art collection. Buddhist statues and Thai paintings made out of wood, cloth and paper are to be found here. The peaceful, tropical environment is enjoyed by many, but as is the historic factor to this landmark – Thompson mysteriously disappeared in the same year his sister was murdered, igniting many theories and an interest from the public.

Wat Phra Kaew
Wat Phra Kaew is the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand, and a very popular tourist attraction. Golden spires, mosaics and striking buildings make this experience a fascinating one. The main building is the Phra Ubosot, consisting of the Emerald Buddha statue – Regarded as the protector of the country. You will also find the adjoining Grand Palace, a former royal residence.

Wat Pho
After visiting Wat Phra Kaew, you should pay a visit to the temple located behind it – Allow yourself time to stroll around peacefully and take in your surroundings. It is known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha due to the giant golden buddha you will see here, that is 46 metres long. Wat Pho is also Thailand’s leading school of massage, making this your perfect opportunity to get one of the best massages you possibly could.

Railay Beach
The most famous beaches in Thailand are found in Krabi Province, and Railay Beach is often considered to be the best. Not only is it a tropical paradise that looks surreal, but it is also the idea destination for those looking for some adventure. Rock-climbing is the most popular activity here – But elephant trekking, kayaking and snorkelling are among the many options too.

Chiang Mai’s Sunday Night Walking Street
You will find everything there is to find in this location, and any souvenirs should be purchased here. From unique paintings and musical instruments to natural soaps, everything here represents the one-of-a-kind Thai experience. You will also find cheap, local cuisine. Pad thai, chicken satay and fried bananas are among the many options.

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