Adam Clark

by Asadullah Siddiqui

Adam has been working with me on personal financial planning for more than 3 years. He has always been quick to suggest solutions and options for portoflio enhancement, before any of the market trends become real issues. He has an easygoing personality that would be an absolute asset in the industry he’s in. Recommended

Adam Clark

by Len de Rosales

What I like most about working with Adam is he does not make you feel like you are just one of his clients. I am non-conversant on financial matters, risk-averse and whose idea of preparing for the future is limited to having an insurance policy. Needless to say, what he said during our first meeting was all very foreign to me. He took time to understand what my financial goals are, patiently explained everything in detail, what to expect, what he recommends and why – which helped me a lot in making an informed decision. He would let me know if there are changes/situations that would affect my plan and advise me on the best way forward and why. He always tells and reassures me that if I have any questions or inquiries, to just get in touch with him and he will respond. And he does, which makes a huge difference especially since it is about finances. Adam is really good at what he does, reason why I trust and have confidence on what he advices me to do. I have recommended him to my colleagues and would happily do so to others as well.

Adam Clark

by Ryan Ollerton

I first started working with Adam in September 2012. He successfuly convinced me to invest into a long term saving strategy. Now when I look back I’m glad that he convinced me as it has provided me with a visible pension fund and managed savings allow me to work towards a defined objective. Adam's patient and pragmatic approach to wealth management is always given in a straightforward and comprehensible manner. I have recommended Adam to several of my friends and associates who have all been as equally impressed.

Scott Kingsley

by Andrew Humphreys

I was first introduced to Scott through the deVere network when I transferred from Philippines to Thailand in 2017. I had already had some investments with deVere for several years and was very pleased when Scott took up the responsibility for them. Scott is consistently professional and has great communication skills, he is always quick to reply and provide full details both verbally and follows them up in a detailed email. He has given me more sense of security in how my pensions and investments are managed and I have been very pleased ever since. I look forward to continuing with Scott for the foreseeable future.

Scott Kingsley

by Dereck Devlin

One phone call from Scott and the following discussions lead me to having a secure future. I cannot recommend Scott too highly for his knowledge and understanding of the needs of expat pensions and finance.

I have over the years had many dealings with investment firms ans I can truly say the best information I have had came from Scott.